2016 NCAL FellowsAs a large, vertically integrated organization, Kaiser Permanente provides an excellent and unique learning environment for individuals interested in health care administration.

The Postgraduate Fellowship in Health Care Administration (the fellowship program) recognizes talented early careerists who can develop their skills and leadership potential in a dynamic and unique environment. The fellowship program is structured to maximize the learning opportunities for fellows as well as to support the operational needs of the organization. The goals of the fellowship program are to:

  • Identify promising candidates for management and future leadership positions within Kaiser Permanente.
  • Provide fellows with an educational and “hands-on” experience that will contribute to their professional development, as well as to their understanding of Kaiser Permanente.
  • Foster an environment that promotes and nurtures the development of future health services leaders.
  • Create opportunities to enhance skills in project development, strategic implementation, and operations management.

The fellowship program allows for learning opportunities at both the professional and personal level as well as a balance between project and operational work. Learning opportunities include:

  • Hospital and Outpatient Operations
  • Strategic and Market Planning
  • Facility Planning
  • Financial and Analytical Performance
  • Leadership skills
  • Analytic skills
  • Communication skills

Tenure and compensation

The fellowship program begins each July. As a fellow, you will receive a competitive salary, benefits package, and accrue both vacation and sick leave. Also, your dependents are eligible for full medical and dental benefits. Opportunities to attend internal and external educational conferences are available to current fellows.

2016 SCAL FellowsRotation Structure

During the medical center rotations, fellows interact with Permanente Medical Group and Kaiser Foundation Hospital/Health Plan leaders, managers, and staff. In most cases, fellows are accountable to either Medical Group administrators or Kaiser Foundation Hospital/Health Plan administrators.

Northern California offers a 12-month fellowship focused on health care operations with two six-month rotations at the medical center. In addition, there is an option for an additional corporate rotation in the regional offices at the end of the 12-month period.

Southern California offers a 24-month fellowship that includes three, eight-month rotations: two at a medical center and/or medical office, and one at the regional offices. Fellows are placed in their first rotation by the organization but fellows generally choose their location for the second and third rotations.


In addition to formal mentoring from senior executives, Fellows will find a number of informal mentors through both project and operational work. These relationships form a strong professional network. Finally, all incoming fellows benefit from an outstanding network of fellowship alumni who provide excellent support, insight, and guidance.